This is everything that we need to calm any situation down

1. Customer First Attitude  Everyone at MARK believes that our customers are our very reason to exist. That's why we have a rule to first know the needs and then spill the helpful deeds.

2. Time Conservation  Time is precious to all and time management is our basic rule. We at MARK always make sure that we don't entertain setbacks at work. We see to it that the desired is delivered in time assorted.

3. Money Is Secondary  MARK obeys the rule of job done first, that is, it's the satisfaction of completion of work that drives us to do more. Money is important but not as important as the will to lend a helping hand.

4. Diversity At Work space  This is something that MARK is proud of. When it comes to random creatives, We make sure that we leave a mark because all our members are acquainted with a number of fields of art.

5. Respect Towards Knowledge  Being the 'Makers of Art and Random Kreatives' we respect our abilities and knowledge in the field of art. We have made it our goal in life to always keep putting these talents to use in a good, law-abiding, and hopefully unharming useful way.

6. Respect Towards Each Other  Colleagues being friends or not will always have a sense of respect to each other and their work running through their veins

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